Who is FRINX?

FRINX was founded in 2016 in Bratislava and consists of a team of passionate developers and industry professionals who are changing the way networking software is developed, deployed and operated. FRINX offers network automation solutions for branch offices, core and access networks. FRINX solutions are built upon open source projects like OpenDaylight and FD.io and transform such community platforms into supported products that solve real customer problems. FRINX proudly serves enterprise and service provider customers from the Fortune Global 500 list.

Why should I care?

Open source has become the de-facto standard for new networking applications. It allows customers to create differentiation by liberating them from a reliance on the same networking software and features used by their competitors, sourced from a limited choice of vendors.

Open source allows customers to create unique new functionality based on their schedule and direction, not based on networking vendors’ roadmaps and strategies.

FRINX takes open source networking projects and adds the functionality necessary for service providers and enterprise customers to deploy it.

Besides adding new functionality, our expertise and testing setup also lets us fast-track implementation of forthcoming open source functionality. We throw in quality assurance, release management, and 365×24 support.

What problems can FRINX help me solve?

FRINX offers solutions for network automation and control of existing and next generation virtualized network devices.

We can activate network services (e.g. L2/3VPNs, customer port & service activation, overlays, …) and provide a central API to and from your network to gather service inventory and optimize resource utilization.

This is achieved without costly HW or SW upgrades in your network. FRINX also offers a solution to dramatically accelerate data plane performance in OpenStack for NFV or media applications.

Who else is using open source for networking?

Companies like Google and Facebook have been successful with using open source for many years. More recently AT&T and China Mobile have shifted their focus entirely to open source projects like ONAP1) that they have founded together with the Linux foundation. Centurylink has published2) info on how they evolve their central office architecture with open source. And SoftBank is using open source for their network operations system, supported by FRINX3).

Open Source is complicated, right?

It is our mission to make open source networking software simple to consume, deploy and extend with new functions. We have an impressive deployment and development track record and would be happy to share our experience with you.