Welcome to the FRINX network automation blog and news section

Here we present updates on implementations of our network automation software and Proof of Concept development work.

2018-7-3 UniConfig Features & Scale, LLDP Topology Application & Workflow

2018-5-29 FRINX and China Telecom Beijing Research Institute Collaborate to Create Open Source-Based Network Control System

2018-02-14  FRINX UniConfig Solution Whitepaper

2018-01-17  New Product Announcement – FRINX UniConfig Framework

2018-01-17  FRINX joins Intel’s Network Builders program

2017-10-16  FRINX releases network automation solution

2017-08-28 FRINX ODL interaction with ConfD from Cisco/Tail-f

2017-08-08 Easy L2VPN setup with the FRINX ODL Distro(Video)

2017-07-12 New Product Announcement – VPN & CLI Service Modules in FRINX ODL 2.3.0

2017-06-07 Open Source Proving Essential to Telcos’ Future

2017-06-07 L3VPN service on the FRINX ODL platform – Network-wide transactions & multi-vendor device support(Video)

2017-05-30 FRINX and SoftBank Collaborate to Create Open-Source Based Network Operations System

2017-04-07 NFV-Service Function Chaining interview from ONS 2017, Santa Clara, CA(Video)

2017-02-07 FRINX FD.io distribution

2017-02-03 FRINX Smart Build Engine(Video)

2017-01-30 Open Data Plane Analytics(Video)

2017-01-18 BGP Route Manipulation(Video)

2017-01-11 FRINX ODL Elasticsearch(Video)

2016-10-18 Hands-on with the the Wedge 100 Open Compute Platform Switch from Facebook

2016-12-28 PC Revue article