FRINX Releases Distribution for Bandwidth-Hungry Applications

Bratislava, March 2017

FRINX, the Bratislava-based open source networking specialist, releases a distribution of the project and OpenStack ML2 drivers. Customers who run data plane hungry applications like media production or network function virtualization in OpenStack, benefit from the FRINX distribution by gaining feature-rich, deterministic packet forwarding in user space together with a lightweight monitoring agent developed by FRINX.

FRINX has created a supported distribution of the Linux Foundation project and has added analytics software that allows the extraction of network data statistics and log information from the data plane. Analytics and log information are made available via a Kafka stream and can be stored as simple log files.

The technology brings enormous improvements in performance, drawing on Cisco and open source development and several years of production deployment experience. FRINX underpins all this with support from its team of open source networking experts.

The core technology in relies on processing multiple packets at a time to optimize the use of commodity hardware resources. packet processing runs in Linux user space, improving availability and speed of innovation. integrates DPDK PMD device drivers that support a wide range of NICs.

FRINX offers customers an alternative to the existing OpenStack networking options when they require a simple and feature-rich networking solution with unmatched deterministic data plane throughput and rich analytics.

Visit FRINX at ONS 2017 booth #120 in the Santa Clara Convention Center from April 3rd to April 6th 2017.

Read more about FRINX’s new distribution here:

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FRINX Distribution with OpenStack ML2 Driver Support


FRINX was founded in 2016 in Bratislava and consists of a team of passionate developers and industry professionals who want to change the way networking software is developed, deployed and used. FRINX offers distributions of OpenDaylight and in conjunction with support services and is proud to have service provider and enterprise customers from the Fortune Global 500 list.