At FRINX we work with open source software projects like OpenDaylight, and Conductor and offer products and services for IT and networking professionals. Are you a passionate developer who is excited about joining a team that is execution-oriented, fast moving and running in start-up mode? Speed, efficiency, flexibility and a self-starter mentality together with sound logical thinking and excellent communication skills are your key attributes? As a member of the team, you will be involved in developing, testing, launching and iterating upon a great product that users love and that solves real life business problems for our customers.


Choose your strength

In FRINX we don't box you in. Want to be a part of development? Testing? Front-end? You are welcome to take the initiative. Competetive salary included!

Emphasis on teamwork

In FRINX, cooperation between the departments is everything. Everyday meetings and detailed communication between members of our team is expected. Attractive team-building events

Personal Development

In FRINX we want you to grow. Learning something on top of your responsibilities is greatly appreciated and encouraged.

Flexible work hours

In FRINX we don't want you to be tied-up in office all the time. Part of the day, you spend in our office and part of the day you are free to work from home. Sick days, Personal days, Home office days. All that comes with position at FRINX.

Junior and Senior Positions

We are actively looking for both established talents in the industry and people new to IT who are willing to learn and put in the effort.

Hands-on Training

From your first day, you will learn and work on our actual products and our devices, contributing to our goals. All of your colleagues will be ready to assist you. Knowledge sharing is very strong at FRINX.


Looking for a different position? Got questions? Drop us an email.