Updating SBE components

This guide explains how to update the SBE – both in its entirety and on a component-by-component basis.

Updating SBE core

Move to the SBE main project directory

Check the release and current version of SBE sources

Alternatively, you can use the following command, which also lists the Docker version

Use this command to pull new changes from the SBE remote (FrinxIO) repository

You will be prompted for a password – please use the password issued by FRINX. If you do not have a password please contact info@frinx.io

Please read the ChangeLog.txt text file (within your sbe directory). It provides details of SBE news and changes/fixes.

Next, back up your data for each of the SBE components.

If you would like to download new images for all of the SBE components, go to your ~/sbe directory and enter the following command in a terminal

Warning: Before you update the SBE or one of its components, ensure nobody is currently using any of the SBE components to be updated

If there have been any changes to the image, Docker will update your local image(s).

Updating individual SBE components

If you only wish to update the image for one particular component, do the following:

Stop the component container which you wish to update – use the following command


To ensure the container was stopped, use the command


Warning: Before you update the SBE or one of its components, ensure nobody is currently using any of the SBE components to be updated

To update the component

Where COMPONENT-IMAGE-NAME takes the following format:



Now start the component container using the command:


Test the SBE funcionality (create, import, build project, test for each component) using the command

This is a test script which checks all SBE functionality.

Customizing the SBE component Docker image (And updating it from a self-owned Docker Repository)

Stop the component container using the command


First clone the Docker image for the repository:

Move to your root sbe directory. To clone one of the repositories listed below, replace xxx with the repository name in the following command:

When prompted for a password enter the [customerpassword] provided by FRINX.


This will create a directory in your root sbe directory.

Move into the component project repository directory (all Docker component projects have the prefix: sbe-docker-*)

For example

Create your custom change/changes to the image.

Edit the file name “VERSION” (located in the component project directory): replace the version tag with one of your choosing.

Edit the file named “IMAGE” (located in the component project directory): replace the Docker Repository name and/or image name with ones of your choosing.

Still within the component project repository directory, create/build the Docker image using the command:

Wait for a successful build…

Next you must log in to Docker using your Docker credentials

If the build was a success then you can now push the created Docker image into Your Docker Repository using the command:

Now change the image version and/or image name in the “sbe.images” configuration file (located in the root sbe core directory)

Now we can try starting the component using the new image. First create the network

How start the component container using the command


Make sure your new version of the component starts using

You should see your new version listed.