Frinx ODL distribution 2.3.1

This document describes the latest changes, additions, known issues, and fixes for the Frinx ODL Distribution.

Note that FRINX ODL distribution 2.3.1 requires Java 8

New Features, Improvements

  1. L2VPN:

    • new project introduced in 2.3.1
  2. L3VPN:

    Karaf L3VPN features are renamed in Frinx ODL 2.3.1:

    • from odl-l3vpn-api to frinx-l3vpn-api
    • from odl-l3vpn to frinx-l3vpn
    • from odl-l3vpn-rest to frinx-l3vpn-rest
    • from odl-l3vpn-testing to frinx-l3vpn-testing
    • from odl-l3vpn-iosxrv to frinx-l3vpn-iosxrv
  3. Renamed provider edge topology:

    • from provider-edge-topology to l3vpn-provider-edge-topology
  4. GBP: Removed karaf features:

    • odl-groupbasedpolicy-clustered
    • odl-groupbasedpolicy-noop
  5. Fixed NETCONF IOS-XR capability check:

    • Problem: Different versions of IOS-XR send capability with different string formating.
    • Solution: Checks only name of capability (YANG module) and revision instead of entire capability string.
  6. CLI plugin:

    • Keepalive settings of CLI connection extracted into CLI node configuration
    • Translate registry additional information: Actual YANG model nodes that are supported/implemented are listed for each YANG model
    • Dry-run and journaling capabilities for CLI mountpoint: Enables users to write/read configuration to/from device as a dry-run operation to check what commands will ODL execute. Journal captures all executed commands for a CLI mountpoint and makes them visible for users.
  7. IOS support:

    • Openconfig interface YANG model support *Interface Configuration and State read/write support *Interface Ipv4 read/write support
    • Openconfig BGP & RIB YANG model read support
    • Initial custom interface YANG model removed
  8. Fixed boncycastle bundle order

  9. Fixed karaf restart after akka node becomes quarantined

Known Issues

    • MD-SAL clustering does not work correctly after temporary network isolation – one or more nodes can remain stuck in candidate state for all its shards.
  2. L2VPN:
    • L2VPN is not configured correctly when name in endpoint is the same for endpoints in different l2vpn-instances and these different endpoints are attached to same PE device.
  3. L3VPN:
    • RPC commit-l3vpn-svc fails when “l3vpn-svc-aug:route-distinguisher” attributes in vpn-service were updated(overwritten).

Note – running feature:install frinx-l3vpn produces an error message, shown below. This error message is benign and can be ignored; l3vpn works as expected
Error message:

2017-07-13 14:13:53,123 | ERROR | l for user karaf | lBundleScanningSchemaServiceImpl | 169 – org.opendaylight.controller.sal-schema-service – 1.4.3.Boron-SR3_2_3_0-frinxodl | Exception occured during invoking listener
org.opendaylight.netconf.sal.restconf.impl.RestconfDocumentedException: errors: [RestconfError [error-type: application, error-tag: operation-failed, error-message: name doesn’t exist.]] at org.opendaylight.restconf.utils.mapping.RestconfMappingNodeUtil.findNodeInGroupings( at org.opendaylight.restconf.utils.mapping.RestconfMappingNodeUtil.addChildOfModuleBySpecificModule( at org.opendaylight.restconf.utils.mapping.RestconfMappingNodeUtil.addDeviationList( at org.opendaylight.restconf.utils.mapping.RestconfMappingNodeUtil.fillMapByModules( at org.opendaylight.restconf.utils.mapping.RestconfMappingNodeUtil.mapModulesByIetfYangLibraryYang( at org.opendaylight.restconf.handlers.SchemaContextHandler.onGlobalContextUpdated( at org.opendaylight.controller.sal.schema.service.impl.GlobalBundleScanningSchemaServiceImpl.notifyListeners(

Opendaylight Boron Release Notes

The Frinx controller 2.3.1 is based on OpenDaylight Boron.