Flow operations using RESTCONF
To use RESTCONF, a RESTful API client is needed.

The Frinx ODL Distribution comes with one preinstalled: the YangUI.

An alternative is to use the Chrome Postman extension:

Many OpenDaylight projects using RESTCONF have made examples of HTTP requests available as Postman libraries

Examining OpenFlow devices using RESTCONF
The operational datastore containing the OpenFlow nodes is exposed at the URL below. Warning: Datastores contain a large amount of data and loading them into a web browser may cause a temporary lockup.

To see the flows on node openflow:1 only

To program the openflow:1 switch, send an HTTP POST request to the controller. The payload and the URI are defined in the YANG model used.

We expect any switch which implements OpenFlow versions 1.0 and 1.3.2. to be programmable by the Frinx ODL Distribution. A list of such switches is maintained here Note that if you already have one of these devices, you may need to upgrade its firmware.

Next steps
The OpenDaylight user guide describes more operations which are possible using the l2switch feature.