Running the FRINX ODL Distribution

This guide explains how to run the distribution for the first time. If you have run it previously, please see this guide

System requirements
RAM: 2GB minimum; we recommend 4GB.
Java: Releases based on Beryllium and Boron (and subsequent releases) require Java 8.
Linux: Unless stated otherwise, this documentation assumes you are using Linux.

Download and activate the FRINX ODL Distribution
Please click on the following link to download a zip archive of the FRINX ODL Distribution:


By downloading the file you accept the FRINX software agreement: EULA

Start your FRINX ODL Distribution for the first time

To activate your installation, unzip the file and open the directory. Enter the following commands in a terminal (the token is unique to your user account on and cannot be shared with other users).

Non-standard setups

Activating the FRINX ODL Distribution behind a proxy
Please set up java system properties as described here:

This means running karaf with something like this:

Activating the FRINX ODL Distribution on a server without Internet access
Let’s call the connected computer ONLINE and the one where you want to run karaf OFFLINE.

Generate fingerprint json to a local file:

Now, copy fingerprint.txt to the ONLINE machine:

Copy frinx.license.cfg back to OFFLINE machine, replacing the file in karaf’s etc folder. You will be able to start karaf normally: