Project definition

The build project has its project definition as one yaml file in the “projects/” folder. Projects which you will build using the SBE have a definition file (yaml document). Such a yaml file is required for each project.

SBE project definition file e.g.: sbe/projects/hello-world-samples.yaml

Project definition YAML document example

Document items description

description -> Job description in Jenkins
template -> Predefined XML template in Jenkins container, which have all options for job creation by Jenkins.
concurrentBuild -> Boolean value (concurent build disabled)
disabled – > Boolean value (job disabled)

source:name: -> Define project name in Gerrit (from where take Jenkins sources)
source:branch -> Define project branch in Gerrit (checkout custom branch in project)

shell:| -> User defined shell code

This is the default deploy configuration, which uploads project artifacts into the SBE Nexus; for deploying artifacts into the Frinx Artifactory just replace the deploy option:

The SBE has all the necessary credentials for uploading to the Frinx Artifactory store.