VPP Installation

Described at: VPP install packages

If VPP does not pick up interfaces, it helps to build and install it manually:

The following resources are useful in figuring out how to do (configure) something with VPP

  3. Google
  4. CSIT (VPP integration tests) – they use VAT tool to provide complex configuration to VPP. Each test case logs exact configuration steps. So looking at log file from latest vpp functional test run can help If log file does not open directly, download and reopen in browser). Look at a test case, list of keywords and vat command executed in every step.

Install VPP in a docker container

After docker is installed start a centos7 container:

Then in the container install vpp, configure and start it:

To save the modified container invoke from host:

Installing binary packages

Instructions for consuming publicly available binary packages of distribution


In file:

Set content:

Make sure to change the CustomerID and password in the repository settings

Installation with YUM can be done with: