FRINX releases FRINX Machine 1.1

FRINX releases FRINX Machine 1.1

FRINX has released FRINX Machine 1.1, the latest version of its flagship network automation solution. FRINX Machine combines the ability to build and manage workflows for infrastructure provisioning with advanced network automation capabilities, proven in the world’s largest networks.

FRINX Machine 1.1 offers the following features:

  • Workflows – Graphical workflow builder allows creation and maintenance of simple and complex workflows
  • Model based – YANG data models are used for device abstraction, CLI can be translated in YANG and vice versa
  • Validation of intent – Validates configuration before execution
  • Automation – Automates configuration updates and changes
  • State awareness – Constant awareness of network configuration state
  • Transactions – Provides transaction capabilities within one or across multiple UniConfig clusters 
  • Source of truth – Stores and correlates service and device attributes in open source database
  • Self-documenting – Monitors, tracks & logs security, compliance & regulatory intent

New in FRINX Machine 1.1

  • New system tasks like “HTTP”, “WAIT” and “EVENT” are available in the workflow builder. These new tasks enable easy interaction between human events (e.g. installation complete, customer approved, …) and automated infrastructure workflows
  • Updated repository structure to integrate customer workflows in FRINX Machine
  • Updated version of FRINX UniConfig (4.2.3) used for network control

Try FM for yourself here: FRINX Machine demo