FRINX and China Telecom Beijing Research Institute Collaborate - Frinx

FRINX and China Telecom Beijing Research Institute are working together to develop an open source-based control system for China Telecom.

Chinese telecommunication giant is leading the business in development of open source-based solutions. FRINX provides parts of source code, libraries and services to help China Telecom in their development. Slovak star-up has developed the UniConfig Framework that is being used by China Telecom Beijing Research Institute (CTBRI) while configuring its networking services. China Telecom Beijing Research Institute is automating L3VPN service provisioning and is using FRINX’s L3VPN service module that implements the IETF data model standard (RFC 8299).

Open Source has become the de facto standard for developing new networking services and support functions. China Telecom is leading the way by leveraging IETF standards for service models, OpenConfig for device abstraction and OpenDaylight for implementing its controller applications. FRINX is proud to be part of China Telecom’s controller project.” said FRINX co-founder and CEO Gerhard Wieser.

Giant found a small partner

China Telecom is developing its network control system based on open source components to manage its network services and to be able to introduce new services faster and more easily into our network. FRINX is the appropriate partner for helping us to master the key components of OpenDaylight for this project. The conscientiousness and dedication of the FRINX colleagues impressed us deeply and we are looking forward to cooperation opportunities in the future.” said Mr. Aijun Wang, Manager of the L3VPN PoC project in China Telecom Beijing Research Institute.

CTBRI’s main R&D areas include communication and information technology development trends and strategic research; communication and information technology development policy research; corporate decision-making  methodology research; corporate strategy development research; communication networks, technology and business development planning research; communication technology system and standards research; evaluation of new technologies, new equipment and new products in networks; development of supporting systems such as network management and business management; application software research and system integration; development and promotion of new information products and value-added services for communication information.


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