FRINX Learning Labs: How to easily create LACP link bundles using Python application?

In our new lab you will learn how to use and create a simple Python application that leverages the FRINX UniConfig framework to provision LACP link bundles between two network devices.

The purpose of this application is to show developers how to use the UniConfig API in FRINX ODL to configure services in network devices.

For a simple and efficient programming experience, we provide a Python client library generated by Swagger that exposes the Uniconfig API. You can inspect the library by unzipping the .whl file provided together with the lacp app source code.

The application that we wrote is called and automates the process of configuring LACP link bundles between two network devices using the UniConfig API. The application was created for demonstration purposes and is not meant for use in production.

Try out our lab HERE.